Ep. 10: Exploring the Limbs of Yoga

Ep. 10: Exploring the Limbs of Yoga

We all love the physical practice of Yoga, asanas, but the Limbs of Yoga offers so much more. Our ability to navigate the external world with a clear moral code offers us so much power over our mind, body, and life.

On our path to Yoga, the first 4 limbs provides us with the guide to conduct ourselves in life with discipline and morality to do good. The fifth limb is the transition from the external world into our innermost being which allows for ultimate liberation from the shackles of our limited minds that is attached to our ego. It's in letting go and becoming one with the universe where there is no divide that we ultimately experience Samadhi.

Exploring the 8 Limb paths of Yoga allows us to shift from knowledge to wisdom, from intellect to intuition where we can be guided by our internal compass to our ultimate self healing journey. It's never about the destination but the journey to our greater aspirations that make our lives so worth while.


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