Ep. 60: Why Functional Yoga Medicine Was Created

Ep. 60: Why Functional Yoga Medicine Was Created

As a multi passionate entrepreneur and autoimmune patient, Dr. Connie realized that the more she learned, the more she realized how broken both conventional and holistic medicine was. Every educational program focuses on the theoretical subject of study, rather than real life human experience of truly empowering individuals to heal. As she was living through very serious Lupus flares, she desperately needed the latter - a truly integrative approach with the big picture in mind to cultivate alignment from within. After 31 years of didactic training, she created the Functional Yoga Medicine Certification Program to finally solve the broken medical puzzle. Learn how Functional Yoga Medicine provides practitioners with powerful tools to mentor their patients to BE Self Empowered Healers . Sign up for a FREE Functional Yoga Medicine Workshop, which takes place June 28-July 2. Click here to register today: https://be.functionalyogamedicine.com...


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