Ep. 01 Dr. Connie's Healing Journey

Ep. 01 Dr. Connie's Healing Journey

Living with a chronic condition like Lupus can give you some perspective.  As a Clinician and a Patient for over 19 years, I've learned that we still have a limited understanding of our human biology.   

The interconnections of complex systems in our body creates lots of variables that are highly individual for each patient.  

I know for sure that knowledge of a disease is not enough to cure or heal patients.  It's with compassion, empathy, and applied knowledge coupled with treating the "patient" is key in delivering exceptional healing experience.

Because healing is a journey for most of us with chronic conditions.  There is no black and white answer.  

In this podcast, I share my personal experiences and thoughts on what's worked, what hasn't, and insights on what's required for healing to take place.

And yes, healing and reversing disease is absolutely possible.  Enjoy!