Ep. 290: The REAL Cause of Gut Issues and How To Heal Your Gut

Ep. 290: The REAL Cause of Gut Issues and How To Heal Your Gut

Gut Health is a buzzword these days, but did you know that our gut health is influenced by much more than just the foods we eat? In the last couple of years, there's been an increase in the amount of people who've gained excess weight, accumulated pesky symptoms that the doctors just can't figure out, or picked up some mental, emotional, or physical habits that are likely adding to overall health decline. And the truth is that all of this stems from gut issues. So how do you heal your gut? While most people believe that diet is the best place to start, Dr. Connie shares why you must completely FLIP the way you approach your health if you want to actually get to the root of your gut issues and get rid of these symptoms once and for all.

In this episode, you'll discover:

✔ The FASTEST way to start seeing results with your health, and why the conventional and holistic health systems lack efficiency

✔ The single most liable factor that puts patients in a powerless position

✔ The truth about why we tend to sabotage ourselves in pursuit of our health goals

✔ The function of our gut-brain axis and detox organs, and why our behaviors only impact 5% of their functioning

✔ Solutions to address gut issues at the ROOT so that you can turn off the cycle of inflammation and start seeing results with your health

Ditch the New Year's Resolution and join me for a New Year RESET instead!

Rather than trying to do something different by changing your behavior, let's remove what's getting in your way so that those healthy habits become much easier to do and you start to move towards your health goals FASTER!

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