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Ep. 270: ENCORE - 5 Critical Mistakes That Keep You From Healing
This episode of the Mind Your Health Show is an encore of one of our most popular episodes. Many of you are in search of healing modalities and treatments to better manage your autoimmunity. But what if all your efforts...Continue Reading
Ep. 263: Autoimmunity is a Catalyst For Your Transformation
Autoimmunity tends to have a negative connotation, but it doesn’t have to be this way. When you can consider autoimmunity as an opportunity for growth and awareness, it lends itself to unlimited possibilities for your life and health. In this...Continue Reading
Ep. 261: How to Improve Your Diet When Living With Autoimmunity
There’s so much confusion about the best diet for autoimmunity. The diets that are touted as the best are often contradictory to one another. Many autoimmune patients spin in overwhelm and confusion due to not knowing what to eat to...Continue Reading
Ep. 259: Tips to Boost Energy When You’re Struggling with Debilitating Fatigue
There are many times when fatigue can limit your ability to function day to day. Even though it’s counterintuitive, gently moving your body to improve circulation and muscular and joint movements will help your body boost energy by improving your...Continue Reading
Ep. 251: Are You An Autoimmune Worrier or an Autoimmune Warrior?
Most autoimmune solutions focus on the dysfunction or the disease itself. They focus on fixing the diet, taking medications, and minimizing symptoms to feel better. But unless you address the foundation of why you became sick in the first place,...Continue Reading
Ep. 246: Redefining HEALTHY Eating for Autoimmunity
If you are like most living with autoimmunity, you might be confused when it comes to which diet is best for you. But what if the answer is not so much about the diet, and that the goal isn't to...Continue Reading
Ep. 242: Why YOU Are Part of the "Cause" of Autoimmunity
We are often told that autoimmunity is an incurable condition, and many of us buy into this. However, it's important to recognize the subconscious impact that this belief has on our personal outlook. We tend to look for answers outside...Continue Reading
Ep. 241: 5 Common Autoimmune Diet Misconceptions
Many autoimmune patients look to diet and supplements in an effort to heal their autoimmunity. However, there is so much conflicting information on diets out there that contradict one another, causing more confusion than ever before. In this episode of...Continue Reading