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Ep. 69: What is Histamine Intolerance?
Many of you have symptoms all over the spectrum, from migraines, fatigue, gut discomfort, to high or low blood pressure and heart rate issues. It's hard to know what the root cause is. In this episode Dr. Connie explains the...Continue Reading
Ep. 68: Lupus Q&A: Elimination Diet, Fighting Fatigue and Hair Loss, and Methotrexate
In this week's Lupus Q&A, Dr. Connie answers lots of questions, including questions about the elimination diet, fatigue, hair loss, methotrexate, oils and herbals, and fibromyalgia.Continue Reading
Ep. 59: Lupus Q&A: Melasma, Being Diagnosed, Fighting Fatigue, and Lupus Diet
In this Q&A session, Dr. Connie discusses how to reduce melasma, which is darkening on the skin on the face, receiving a Lupus diagnosis, how to fight fatigue, and lupus diet for vegans.Continue Reading
Ep. 43: Lupus Q&A: Tight Muscles, Lupus Flare, Medications, and Fatigue
This week, Dr. Connie answers lots of questions focusing on tight muscles, flares in different parts of the body, various Lupus medications, and how to fight fatigue. Please comment any questions on our FREE Facebook group, the Self Empowered Healers:  and...Continue Reading
Ep. 28: Lupus Q&A: Hypothyroidism and Hair Loss, Fatigue, and Biologic Infusions
Welcome to another Q&A Fridays! In this episode Dr. Connie discusses how hypothyroidism can cause hair loss, the cause of fatigue for Lupus patients, and biologic infusions, such as Benlysta. If you would like to have a question answered on...Continue Reading