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Ep. 304: Yoga and Gut Health: The Ultimate Healing Path
Those familiar with Yoga know that it is excellent for mental wellbeing because of the meditative nature of the practice. But did you know that Yoga is also phenomenal for GUT health because of that same reason?Your gut has its...Continue Reading
Ep. 294: The Relationship Between Yoga and Nutrition for Optimal Health and Wellness
For most people who want to improve their nutrition, they often seek to gain more KNOWLEDGE. They read books, seek out experts, or search the internet for the best foods to eat or the best diet to try.But the truth...Continue Reading
Ep. 288: Yamas and Niyamas in Yoga: Cultivating Mindfulness and Self Awareness for a Fulfilling Life
Whether you are new to the practice of Yoga or are a seasoned Yogi, it's helpful to understand the foundational principles of Yoga so that when you practice, you can grow, evolve, and transform both on and off your mat....Continue Reading
Ep. 285: Boost Energy With These Simple Chair Exercises
There are many times when fatigue can limit your ability to function day to day. Even though it’s counterintuitive, gently moving your body to improve circulation and muscular and joint movements will help your body boost energy by improving your...Continue Reading
Ep. 267: Why Are Posture and Alignment So Important?
This episode of the Mind Your Health Show is an encore session of Day 2 of our recent 5-Day Mind-Body Fitness Challenge for Autoimmunity. Posture and alignment are fundamental to optimal mobility. In this session, you'll find out what proper...Continue Reading
Ep. 264: Why Yoga is a Powerful Tool for Healing for Autoimmunity
There are many misconceptions about Yoga. However, Yoga has been the #1 go-to healing tool for Dr. Connie throughout her journey with autoimmunity. She’s also utilized Yoga as a tool for her patients, which has led to profound healing benefits...Continue Reading
Ep. 202: Yoga is a Journey, NOT a Destination
Today we are combining the podcast episodes for both the Mind Your Health Show and the Functional Yoga Medicine Show because this topic is important for patients, clients, and health practitioners alike. When it comes to Yoga, it's not about...Continue Reading
Ep. 142: Hydration Tips All Hot Yoga Students Need To Know
We know drinking water is a healthy behavior. But proper hydration is even more important if you practice Hot Yoga, as we do at Alkaline Wellness. Please click here to join our FREE Facebook group, the Self Empowered Healers:  Continue Reading
Ep. 140: Chakras and Their Effect on Self Healing
If you've done Yoga, you've likely heard of chakras. But how much do we really know about them. Despite Reiki healers, body workers, and herbalists who claim to be able to unblock your chakras, this is work you must do...Continue Reading