Why Yoga is a Work-IN, Not A Work-Out

Why Yoga is a Work-IN, Not A Work-Out

Our subconscious mind is like a massive storage room for all the things we've been through, how we feel, what worries us, our habits and everything that makes us think. It's a complex space that impacts our daily lives, changing the way we see and engage with everything and everyone around us. Changing our subconscious patterns can seem unimaginable…

But this is the ONLY way to change our habits and grow into the people we want to be. The consistent practice of Yoga challenges you both mentally and physically, tapping into your mental threshold. This allows you to challenge your limiting beliefs.

In this episode, we are diving into how crucial consistent Yoga practice is to challenging our limiting beliefs and the science to why this is possible. You’ll discover..

🌟 Why Yoga has the power to help you become the most ideal version of yourself
🌟 The connections between asanas (physical poses) and our mind
🌟 What starting your Yoga practice can look like
🌟 Practical tips for yogis and instructors on how to deepen your practice

Tune into this episode to not only understand why Yoga has the power to change your subconscious beliefs, but how to implement this into your daily yoga practice.

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