Yoga As Medicine - Functional Yoga Medicine ™

Yoga As Medicine - Functional Yoga Medicine ™

"Throughout my extensive journey in the health and wellness field, armed with advanced degrees and a wealth of theoretical knowledge, I discovered an unexpected truth: it was through yoga that I found the most profound healing and growth. 

While my academic background provided invaluable insights, yoga introduced me to the deeper wisdom of living and healing holistically, integrating mind, body, and spirit in every breath and movement.

Yoga taught me to embrace the full spectrum of human experiences—suffering, pain, chaos, and joy. These elements are inherent in the human condition, and in facing them with humility, I learned to navigate life's tumultuous waters. Each pose in yoga, each moment of meditation, became a reflection of life's complexities. 

The mat was a mirror and a battlefield where I faced my deepest fears, sharpest pains, and most chaotic thoughts.

This practice didn't shield me from life's hardships but equipped me with the resilience to engage with them fully. Yoga taught me that growth often comes dressed in the garb of discomfort and that true healing requires us to feel deeply and reflect thoroughly.

 It was only by allowing myself to experience every emotion and ponder every thought that I could transcend them.

Throughout my journey with yoga, each challenging pose mirrored the trials I faced in life—my divorce, the relentless challenge of an autoimmune condition, and the grueling ordeal of kidney failure. I found a metaphor for my struggles in practicing yoga, particularly when exploring the more demanding asanas. These poses—each one a battle against my body's limitations—taught me resilience in the face of physical and emotional pain.

As I held each challenging posture, the shaking of my limbs and the strain in my breath were stark reminders of the turmoil I faced beyond the mat. There were moments during these holds when giving up seemed inevitable, mirroring the despair I felt in my darkest days of health and heartache. Yet, with each session, as I pushed through the discomfort and embraced the shaking, I learned a profound lesson about the power of persistence.

This physical resilience built on the mat became a wellspring of strength I drew upon. The lessons learned in the grip of a challenging pose—breathing through discomfort, maintaining focus amidst distraction, finding balance in instability—were the lessons I applied to navigate the chaos of divorce, stand firm against the unpredictable attacks of autoimmune disease, and fight through the excruciating trials of kidney failure.

Each time I returned to my mat, I was training my body and fortifying my spirit. Yoga taught me that growth and evolution are often born from hardship and that true strength is forged in the fires of adversity. As I moved through each pose, I was reminded that no matter how hard life got, just as I could meet the challenge of a difficult asana, I could meet the challenges of life—not merely to survive them but to emerge stronger, more grounded, and profoundly transformed.

I bring this transformative power of yoga—how it equips us to face life’s deepest hardships with grace and strength—to each class I teach, hoping to inspire others to find their own strength and resilience on and off the mat.

The yoga mat became more than just a strip of fabric; it transformed into my sanctuary, a sacred space where each session was a deep dive into self-exploration and personal growth. On this mat, I confronted my vulnerabilities and celebrated my strengths, learning the intricate dance of pushing my limits while embracing acceptance.

In the quiet moments of each pose, I found clarity and peace amidst the stretch and hold. In this confined space, I learned to breathe through discomfort, remain poised in the face of life’s uncertainties, and stretch beyond the perceived limits of my capabilities. This mat was a place for physical practice and a platform for profound spiritual and emotional healing.

Each time I stepped onto my mat, I stepped into a world of understanding—understanding my body’s whispers and screams, my mind’s chaos and calm, and my spirit’s despair and delight. It was here that I pieced myself back together after each setback, stitching strength into my seams and resilience into my soul.

The lessons learned on this mat—patience, persistence, surrender—seeped into my everyday life, enabling me to navigate the trials of divorce, health crises, and beyond with a grounded sense of self and a clear direction. My yoga mat, a simple rectangle in a quiet room, became the foundation of my evolution, the altar where I both lost and found myself time and again.

That connecting my breath allowed me to connect my body and mind, which were completely separated and unbalanced.

Connecting my breath during yoga became a crucial bridge, reuniting my body and mind when they felt most disjointed and out of sync. This connection through breath was more than a mere exercise; it was a transformative experience that allowed me to feel genuinely integrated and whole.

Each inhalation and exhalation became a thread that stitched together my physical sensations with my mental states, weaving a tapestry of awareness that encompassed every aspect of my being. As I breathed deeply, I could feel the disparate parts of myself—once isolated by stress, illness, and emotional turmoil—begin to merge. The breath acted as a calming agent, soothing the frayed edges of my mind and easing the tensions in my body.

This mindful breathing practice was not just a practice on the mat but spilled over into my everyday life, helping me maintain balance and composure in the face of life’s challenges. It taught me to be present, live in the moment, and observe my experiences without being overwhelmed. The breath, so simple yet so powerful, became my tool for self-regulation and healing, reminding me that despite the chaos around me, I could find peace within.

In its holistic embrace of well-being, yoga checks every conceivable box—cardiovascular health, physical strength, flexibility, stability, and resilience, while profoundly enriching my emotional and mental faculties. Each session on the mat is not just about moving through postures; it’s about enhancing heart health through dynamic flows that elevate my heart rate, strengthening muscles and bones through poses that demand both power and endurance and increasing flexibility and stability with stretches and balances that challenge my body's limits.

This comprehensive physical engagement is deeply intertwined with the emotional and mental resilience that yoga fosters. The discipline and focus required to maintain a pose or flow from one asana to another enhance my mental clarity and concentration. At the same time, yoga's reflective and meditative aspects soothe and strengthen my emotional landscape. Through yoga, I have learned to face challenges calmly and approach life's ups and downs with equanimity and grace.

Realizing the gift of yoga has been nothing short of transformative. It has redefined the meaning of union for me—connecting body and mind and integrating my personal growth with universal well-being. This practice has shown me how deeply interconnected our wellness is with how we live and interact with our surroundings. 

Yoga is not just a personal journey; it's a holistic approach to life that fosters true health, harmony, and peace, placing the concept of union on a profound new level.

In our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training, I invite you to join me in exploring the transformative power of yoga—not just as a practice but as a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. We will explore how yoga can help us understand and accept our vulnerabilities and imperfections as intrinsic parts of our human experience. You will learn how to teach yoga and live it, using the principles of humility and self-reflection to foster growth and healing in yourself and others.

The training's vision was to ingrain this powerful skill and transform each student into a confident teacher who can share and shine at their fullest potential.

Together, we will discover how embracing the full range of our feelings and the chaos of our thoughts can lead to profound personal growth and an enriched understanding of what it means to be truly human. 

Join me in this transformative journey to harness the ancient wisdom of yoga and apply it to our modern lives, finding peace and purpose in the process."

We are now accepting applications for YTT 200 and YTT 300 hr.  

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