Functional Yoga Medicine Show

Ep. 63: How to Apply Modernized Functional Medicine in Your Health and Wellness Practice
Getting to the root cause of disease is the motto for Functional Medicine. While there's some truth to this statement, Dr. Connie feels at times it's over complicated and over compartmentalized so much so that we fail to be able...Continue Reading
Ep. 45: You Must Value Wealth to Succeed in Your Career
We all work in exchange for monetary compensation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with exchanging value for money. This exchange is essential for the health of the economy. Yet many practitioners shy away from valuing their work outside of the...Continue Reading
Ep. 43: You're Lying to Yourself
When asked "who are you", we usually respond with what we do, as if our career defines who we are. It’s our status, identity, and meaning in why we do what we do. But what if you’ve been so busy...Continue Reading
Ep. 41: You’ve Been Programmed to Be a Technician
In school we’re taught exactly what to do and how to be. We are taught to follow the rules and are discouraged from thinking outside the box, especially if you are a trained healthcare practitioner. But the truth is, science...Continue Reading
Ep. 40: Who You Think You Are Is Not Who You Are
If you’ve been struggling with lack of meaning through the work that you do, it’s because you have not truly tapped into your true potential. You are barely scratching the surface of who you think you are, but the real...Continue Reading
Ep. 39: Are You Living a Life That’s in Alignment With Who You Are?
In order to be truly aligned with who you are, you must fully know the core of who you are - your values, mission, and vision in life should be something you spend time thinking about and gain clarity over...Continue Reading
Ep. 38: Education is Making You Broke
Education is highly dogmatic and highly bureaucratic. Nobody in primary, secondary, or even advanced education asks who you are at the core. Our individual viewpoints are completely ignored and we are pretty much indoctrinated or “brainwashed” into a certain way...Continue Reading
Ep. 37: Your Subconscious Identity
Be sure to subscribe to our podcast and Youtube channel so that you stay in the loop with the Functional Yoga Medicine Show!Click here to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes: here to subscribe to our podcast on Spotify: here...Continue Reading
Ep. 36: Clarity is Power
As we begin a new chapter in 2021, the most important thing you can do is truly gain clarity on what it is that you want to accomplish. In order to gain clarity you must shed your old identity and...Continue Reading