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Why Our Healthcare System is Broken and How To Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands
Have you ever experienced the frustration of being caught in a never-ending loop when it comes to your health? As a health professional and patient myself, I have also experienced confusion and disappointment when it came to my health issues....Continue Reading
Ep. 300: 10 Ways to Boost Health If You Work Remotely
Since the pandemic, many of us have shifted our workspace to our home. Remote work is on the rise due to the increased flexibility and productivity it brings. Although there are many benefits to working remotely, there are also increased...Continue Reading
Ep. 282: Why Your FEELINGS Matter
Your feelings aren't just figments of your imagination, and they don't just come out of nowhere. They involve complex, physical processes that deserve to be understood and addressed. Why? Because our feelings cascade many of the biochemical reactions in our...Continue Reading
Ep. 281: Redefine What HEALTHY Means For YOU!
It seems like there's always a new health solution popping up on the market. Rather than chasing all the "fad" diets, experts, supplements, or exercises, first redefine what it means to truly BE HEALTHY. Your version of healthy will likely...Continue Reading
Ep. 277: Essential Ingredient for Optimal Health and Wellness That Most People Ignore
Optimal health and wellness is not a destination, but a lifelong journey that often requires commitment and dedication. At times, this journey can feel difficult, overwhelming, and unsuccessful. However, the rewards of optimal health are well worth the effort. There...Continue Reading
Ep. 194: Why Health Is Not A Priority In Your Life
Your core values subconsciously dictate the actions that you take on a daily basis. The fact that you have an autoimmune condition is evidence that health isn’t one of your core values. It’s so much easier for us to fool...Continue Reading
Ep. 189: Is Your Current Healthcare System in Alignment With What You Need?
As autoimmune patients, typically we don’t know what we need. But many autoimmune patients falsely believe that our “healthcare system” provides us with what we need. This couldn’t be further from the truth. What you need to know is that...Continue Reading
Ep. 164: Healthy Lifestyle is Key for Defending Against Covid
So much unease and uncertainty about our health and our world today leaves us with fear and anxiety that seem to be driving our world today. Here's what you can do to defend yourself from infection. Please click here to...Continue Reading