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Ep. 147: Dr. Connie's Story Part 1: Healing Starts with this One Shift
Part 1 of a 4 part series in which Dr. Connie discusses her autoimmune story, including her diagnosis, various treatments, and discoveries she had along the way that allowed her to truly heal her condition to a point where it...Continue Reading
Ep. 138: Lupus Beauty Secrets You Wouldn't Expect
Learn about Dr. Connie's experience with Lupus hair loss and how it transformed her.Continue Reading
Ep. 135: What are the Stages of Lupus?
Knowing what stage of Lupus you are currently in will help determine exactly what your body needs to heal.  Continue Reading
Ep. 121: Mental Cleanse: Change Your Beliefs About Lupus
What are your beliefs about Lupus? Truth is that these beliefs might be holding you back from taking control of your health and reversing your disease.  Continue Reading
Ep. 120: Are You Committed to Healing from Lupus?
As Lupus patients, it is obvious for all of us that we want to feel better. But wanting something is very different from being committed to something. This is because commitment requires action, and without action, nothing will change.Continue Reading
Ep. 117: Lupus Q&A: Benlysta, Lupus Flare
In this Q&A session, Dr. Connie discusses the statistics around Benlysta and also her most recent flare experience.Continue Reading
Ep. 115: What It Means To Be A Lupus Warrior or Rebel
Lupus Rebel aims to create a movement among those who are not just struck down by Lupus, but those who fight back and work to heal no matter what. Are you a true Lupus Rebel?  Continue Reading