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Your Hormones Could Be The Cause of Your Weight Gain - Understand WHY & How to Naturally Lose Weight!
In today's episode of Mind Your Health, we're diving into the intricate connection between stress, cortisol, inflammation, sleep, hormones, and weight gain. What a mouthful!  The daily stressors we face, whether from work pressures, personal or family challenges, or even...Continue Reading
Ep. 293: Could Your Weight Gain Be A Result Of Minor, Repetitive Injury?
🚨This episode is for those of you who shrug off seemingly minor aches and pains, yet continually struggle with gut issues and difficulty losing weight. Many people live with day-to-day aches and pains and ignore them for years because the...Continue Reading
Ep. 66: Inflammation and Weight Gain
The inflammation that we have is ultimately set off by our leaky gut and microbiome imbalance.  I want to talk to you a bit about inflammation today as it is relates to metabolism and weight gain. Continue Reading