Functional Yoga Medicine Show

Ep. 111: Stand For What You Believe, It’s Time To Challenge the Status Quo
Many practitioners today are frustrated due to the limits of the healthcare system. But they continue to abide by the ineffective, systemic strategy that binds their ability to think outside the box to help better serve their patients. Many are...Continue Reading
Ep. 110: This is What’s Missing in Most Holistic Wellness Certification Programs
There exists a dogmatic tendency in each and every respective field of health, wellness, and medicine. This creates a fragmented and broken system that ultimately leads patients astray. Dr. Connie’s personal experience as a patient and a clinician led her...Continue Reading
Ep. 109: Key Missing Ingredient That’s Preventing You From Getting Your Patients the Results They Want
Many practitioners tend to focus on their expert domain, which results in them defending their limitations. This is because each expert domain, or specialty, is only a piece of the bigger puzzle. Without the ability to see the big picture...Continue Reading
Ep. 108: Your Clinical Knowledge is Only as Effective as Your Ability to Empower Your Patients to Help Themselves
Many practitioners overly emphasize tangible, scientific knowledge when it comes to patient care. But oftentimes they're met with disappointment and frustration due to patient non-compliance. You have to remember that your knowledge is only as effective as your ability to...Continue Reading
Ep. 107: Understanding the Psychology of Chronically Ill Patients
Chronically ill patients struggle to get through their day. Many of them have lost their ability to perform basic functional daily tasks. This creates a complex psychological struggle that keeps them from having the will to help themselves get better....Continue Reading
Ep. 106: Why You Need This Essential Skill to Improve Patient Compliance
Your knowledge is only as good as your coaching skills. The ultimate goal is for the patient to buy into their own health, which will improve their compliance in working with you. In this episode, Dr. Connie talks about the...Continue Reading
Ep. 105: There is No “One Size Fits All” Treatment Protocol For Your Patients
In any given specialty in the field of medicine, there tends to be a "one size fits all" approach for specific conditions and ailments, whether it be through diet recommendations, medication prescriptions, or surgery. The one size fits all approach...Continue Reading
Ep. 104: Alignment Principles for Injury Prevention
While Yoga is a healing practice for many, there is a potential for repetitive injury if muscle activation and proper alignment of joints is not kept in mind. We want you to begin to mindfully engage with your muscles to...Continue Reading
Ep. 103: The Difference Between The Disempowering Health Practitioner and the Empowering Health Mentor
The medical system is failing both the patients and the practitioners. With its tendency towards specialization, practicing within the scope of practice, and depending on third party payer systems, the very foundation of the medical system has its many flaws...Continue Reading