Ep. 255: Are You Too Busy "Doing" That You've Stopped "Being" Yourself?

Ep. 255: Are You Too Busy "Doing" That You've Stopped "Being" Yourself?

We are all conditioned to be the person we're "expected" to be, versus who we truly are. It's amazing how every single autoimmune patient that Dr. Connie's treated has never considered their true desires because they are busy being the person that they're expected to be, whether it's being a certain kind of daughter, son, mother, father, sister, brother, coworker, etc.

We are so busy fulfilling other people's expectations of who we should be, and doing all the things necessary to "fit in" that we neglect our true essence and almost end up living a lie. This kind of self disregard ultimately leads to an incongruent life, so much so that it can cause physiological disharmony, leading to autoimmunity.

When was the last time you asked yourself, what do YOU truly want? This question stumbles many autoimmune patients because they've never been asked this before. In this episode, you'll learn to stop DOING so that you can step into BEING who you truly are, which will allow you to heal from autoimmunity once and for all.

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