Ep. 311: Why Following Somebody Else's Diet Plan Will Never Heal Your Gut

Ep. 311: Why Following Somebody Else's Diet Plan Will Never Heal Your Gut

When it comes to diet and nutrition, we are conditioned to look to everyone else for answers, believing somebody other than ourselves holds the key to our health. This includes our doctors, a dietitian, the internet/social media, or even a close friend or family member who had success with a particular diet.

The truth is that we cannot change that which we're not aware of. And continuing to look for nutrition advice outside of yourself means that you continue to ignore the messages and signals your body sends you about what it needs.

In this episode, Dr. Connie shares how yoga and meditation can help you learn how to read your body signals and sensations to figure out which foods are best for YOUR body.

By listening to this episode, you'll discover...

✨ The importance of mindfulness when eating 

✨ The role of yoga and meditation in helping you cultivate self awareness and body awareness, as well as helping you recognize physical symptoms and body sensations attached to your diet 

✨ Additional benefits of yoga and meditation on gut health, including stress management, enhanced digestive function, and improved gut muscle contraction

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