How I Created a Fulfilling Life By Going Against My Doctor's Advice

How I Created a Fulfilling Life By Going Against My Doctor's Advice

“Stay away from the sun. Don’t eat any junk food. Don’t work full-time. Take these medications for the rest of your life. And most importantly…DON’T have kids.”

These were the exact words my doctor told me when I was diagnosed with lupus almost 25 years ago. And as an almost Doctor of Physical Therapy getting ready to graduate and embark on a new life chapter, this felt like a death sentence.

I refused to succumb to these “rules” set by my doctor, and today I have two healthy sons and a thriving holistic wellness practice and yoga studio.

I don’t know what my life would look like if I listened to my doctor 100%.

And while I’m not negating everything doctors have ever told me throughout my life, I do believe many recommendations and prognoses given by health professionals can cause limiting beliefs in patients…

…preventing them from living their best, most fulfilling lives despite their condition.

In this Mind Your Health episode, I’ll share my very experience with receiving negative and limiting recommendations from my doctors, and how I turned lemons into lemonade to create a life that I love.

So I want to empower you to challenge the beliefs that doctors and other people have about you and your symptoms/condition, and cultivate an inner awareness and confidence to CHOOSE what’s most in alignment with your true self.

This is YOUR life, not anyone else’s.


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