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The Link Between Repetitive Injury and Weight Gain
This podcast encore episode is all about why repetitive injury can be the culprit for weight gain. Repetitive injury can often be an overlooked culprit behind weight gain. When you suffer from chronic or recurring injuries, your ability to engage...Continue Reading
Impact of Unworthiness on Chronic Illness and Nervous System
The Impact of Perceived Unworthiness on Chronic Illness and the Nervous System Understanding the Concept of "Programming" Unworthiness Programming of unworthiness refers to the deep-seated belief that one is not worthy or deserving of love, success, or happiness. These beliefs...Continue Reading
Yoga As Medicine - Functional Yoga Medicine ™
"Throughout my extensive journey in the health and wellness field, armed with advanced degrees and a wealth of theoretical knowledge, I discovered an unexpected truth: it was through yoga that I found the most profound healing and growth.  While my...Continue Reading
How Your Mindset Determines Your Health Experience: The Power of Positivity
The connection between mindset and health is well-documented, with numerous studies showing that a positive outlook can significantly influence health outcomes. Whether facing a minor ailment or a severe diagnosis, maintaining a positive mindset can enhance the prognosis and overall...Continue Reading
My Journey: Why I Created Functional Yoga Medicine
Dr. Connie shares her vast experiences that led her to create Functional Yoga Medicine. That fragmented approach does not work, and dependence on medications is a recipe for health crisis.  There is a great need for a growing number of...Continue Reading
Ep. 206: Routine Questions to Ask Your Doctor
Many autoimmune patients hang onto their doctors' every word. This is normal, especially when you're newly diagnosed. However your doctors, especially conventional doctors, won't always have your optimal health in mind. Many will want to keep you on medications. Take...Continue Reading