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How Your Mindset Determines Your Health Experience: The Power of Positivity
The connection between mindset and health is well-documented, with numerous studies showing that a positive outlook can significantly influence health outcomes. Whether facing a minor ailment or a severe diagnosis, maintaining a positive mindset can enhance the prognosis and overall...Continue Reading
Ep. 311: Why Following Somebody Else's Diet Plan Will Never Heal Your Gut
When it comes to diet and nutrition, we are conditioned to look to everyone else for answers, believing somebody other than ourselves holds the key to our health. This includes our doctors, a dietitian, the internet/social media, or even a...Continue Reading
Ep. 288: Yamas and Niyamas in Yoga: Cultivating Mindfulness and Self Awareness for a Fulfilling Life
Whether you are new to the practice of Yoga or are a seasoned Yogi, it's helpful to understand the foundational principles of Yoga so that when you practice, you can grow, evolve, and transform both on and off your mat....Continue Reading
Ep. 269: Why Self Awareness is Essential for Health
This episode of the Mind Your Health Show is an encore session of Day 3 of our recent 7-Day Autoimmune Detox Challenge. When sick, we are left looking for help from people and things OUTSIDE of ourselves. But it is...Continue Reading