Yoga, Anatomy and the Art of Inner Harmony

Yoga, Anatomy and the Art of Inner Harmony

When we think of Yoga, we find ourselves thinking about the workout, maybe even the serenity it gave us for an hour or so. There is so much more that Yoga can offer. Yoga benefits our body and mind in many ways that we might not even realize what’s happening inside of our body when we practice.

There is a deep connection between our physiology, nervous system and mind that is heavily influenced by our breath and movement with Yoga. This happens when we practice properly and by not over exerting ourselves because we think that a Yoga pose has to look a certain way. Tapping into this connection occurs when we fully align during our practice, by rebalancing our chakras and intentionally moving, breathing and challenging ourselves.

In this episode, you’ll discover:
🌿 The neurological connection between our skeletal system and mind, and how Yoga promotes this connection for optimal wellbeing
🌿 How chakras relate to our glands, and how we can improve our wellbeing by balancing our chakras
🌿 What the 8 Limbs of Yoga are and why it is important to understand them when practicing yoga
🌿 How nutrition plays a role in our yoga practice and our day to day mindfulness

Understanding just how our physical being impacts our energy, hormones and mental health is a part of practicing Yoga intentionally.

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