Umami Kimchi Stew

Umami Kimchi Stew

Join me as I chef up some yummy umami! :bento:

To start, what is umami? You know how sometimes you eat something and it has a rich, savory, or “meaty” kind of flavor? That’s umami. It’s one of the five basic tastes that our tongues can pick up. This taste comes from our tongues reacting to something called glutamates, which are a type of amino acid:sparkles:In my recipe today, I use…
:point_right::skin-tone-3:Umami broth
:point_right::skin-tone-3: Seaweed
:point_right::skin-tone-3: Kimchee
:point_right::skin-tone-3: Bean Sprouts
:point_right::skin-tone-3: Tofu

This is one of my FAVORITE comfort dishes and is FULL of nutrients (so it does not have to be a guilty pleasure!)

The tofu and kimchee are great for gut health too:sparkles:


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