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A Comprehensive Guide To Thyroid Health - Genetics, Weight Loss, Food Recommendations, Managing Stress & More
In today's Mind Your Health podcast episode, we delve deeply into the complex world of thyroid health. I begin by exploring the genetic aspects of thyroid problems, unraveling how heredity can play a significant role in thyroid disorders. A key...Continue Reading
ENCORE The Subconscious Mind and How Yoga Can Change Your Patterns
As the New Year is approaching, we all have our resolutions and habits we want to break. Let's dive back into a popular episode, where I explore the power of our subconscious mind!  Our subconscious mind plays a significant role...Continue Reading
The Science of Sound Baths - Healing at A Cellular Level
Discover the resonating power of sound therapy in my latest Mind Your Health podcast episode, where we delve into the fascinating science behind sound baths.  This ancient healing practice, which has gained modern momentum, harnesses the vibrations of gongs, singing...Continue Reading
Naturally Treating Your Thyroid WITHOUT Medication & Connecting Your Gut, Brain, and Hormones
Are you unknowingly putting your thyroid to sleep with synthetic hormones?  Wake up to the truth in our latest episode, where I uncover the often ignored link between your gut health, brain function, and thyroid hormones!  In today's episode, let's...Continue Reading
Your Hormones Could Be The Cause of Your Weight Gain - Understand WHY & How to Naturally Lose Weight!
In today's episode of Mind Your Health, we're diving into the intricate connection between stress, cortisol, inflammation, sleep, hormones, and weight gain. What a mouthful!  The daily stressors we face, whether from work pressures, personal or family challenges, or even...Continue Reading
EASE Method: How To Heal Yourself When The Healthcare System Fails You
What is missing in our current healthcare system? Often, healthcare providers fail to address the root issue of what is going on, simply putting a "bandaid" on the patient's physical symptoms. For years, as a practitioner and a patient, I...Continue Reading
The Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga - The Ancient Yogic Practice
Ashtanga is the most ancient form of Yoga that focuses on movement and breath to a very disciplined degree. The psychological and mental benefits are notable even after one yoga session… From academia to the clinical world and entrepreneurial space,...Continue Reading
Hormones and Menopause: What Is Causing Your Symptoms & How To Overcome Them
Menopause can be a confusing (and long) phase of a woman's life. It comes with a cocktail of symptoms that can disrupt your daily life. Hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, hair loss, and bone density reduction are just a...Continue Reading
ENCORE: How to ACTUALLY Balance Your Hormones...Without Toxic Medications
Lately, we have been discussing issues around hormones, the impact of stress, and the intertwined effects they have on our mental and physical well-being. Reflecting on this, I'm drawn to revisit a past episode that stirred up a lot of...Continue Reading