Ep. 97: Is Yoga Causing Injury To Your Body?

Ep. 97: Is Yoga Causing Injury To Your Body?

There is an increase in Yoga injuries today. As mentioned in last week's episode, not all Yoga certifications properly prepare Yoga teachers with necessary knowledge of the human body. With a surge of sedentary lifestyles today, many people struggle with proper posture and alignment in normal life. This lack of alignment and posture is amplified when practicing Yoga, especially when performing inversions, headstands, handstands, and backbends.

Improper core engagement can lead to myriad of injuries, including spinal disc degeneration, strain/sprain, and micro tears that can lead to repetitive, irreversible injury. So in essence, in the name of health, Yoga may be causing unnecessary degeneration and injury. In this episode of the Functional Yoga Medicine Show, Dr. Connie discusses common Yoga injuries, and how you can help yourself and your clients prevent them


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