Ep. 306: Intuitive Eating: Heal Your Gut WITHOUT Dieting

Ep. 306: Intuitive Eating: Heal Your Gut WITHOUT Dieting

As mentioned in previous episodes, there's a misconception that healing your gut and getting rid of uncomfortable digestive discomfort requires you to restrict what you eat and eliminate certain foods from your diet completely.

But often, these types of restricted, regimented diets cause us STRESS, which is the main contributor to gut dysfunction. So you might be wondering, "how am I supposed to eat to promote good gut health?"

I want to introduce you to the concept of intuitive eating! It's a way of eating that rejects "diet" mentality and allows you to truly enjoy food without guilt, shame, or stress.

In this episode, you'll discover:
🌱What intuitive eating is, and the 10 principles of intuitive eating that will help you break the dieting cycle and build a better relationship with food
🌱6 practical tips to start implementing intuitive eating immediately


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