Functional Yoga Medicine Show

Ep. 101: Why Yoga is a Powerful Antidote to Disease
While Yoga is a popular "exercise" trend, it's much more powerful as a healing modality that shifts our patients from sickness to health. It enables patients to become self empowered to move, eat, and feel better than ever before. Connecting...Continue Reading
Ep. 96: Not ALL YOGA Certifications are the Same
Yoga teachers are a dime a dozen. To be an effective teacher, one must consider the implications of each pose when it comes to the anatomical and physiological capabilities and limitations of the student. Truth is that not all teacher...Continue Reading
Ep. 94: Y-O-G-A as a Powerful Healing Modality
Despite what many think, Yoga is not a religion, making shapes with your body, or an exercise that requires flexibility. It's a powerful self empowering practice that allows our bodies to heal. In this episode of the Functional Yoga Medicine...Continue Reading
Ep. 11: Foundation is Everything
Set yourself apart from the rest by committing to excellence in your Yoga business or practice. During these turbulent times, it's imperative that you get crystal clear on what it is that you want to create in your life. ....Continue Reading
Episode 09: Amazing Benefits of Hot Yoga
You'll either love it or hate it but most people agree the feeling you get after a Hot Alkaline Sequence is one that leaves you feeling revitalized, refreshed, and most importantly DETOXIFIED. You sweat off all the toxins from the...Continue Reading
Ep. 07: Alkaline Method ™ Yogapreneur
It seems to be a normal progression for many avid Yogis to be drawn to Yoga so much so that eventually they consider enrolling in Yoga teaching training program. The industry "norm" tends to limit the level and scope of...Continue Reading
Ep. 06: Hypermobility and Yoga
Many Yogis are flexible. Flexibility comes easy for some while others are genetically more "tight" or stable. . Be sure to subscribe to our podcast and Youtube channel so that you stay in the loop with the Functional Yoga Medicine...Continue Reading
Ep. 05: True Pursuit of Yoga
Why do you practice Yoga? Most people practice with very little awareness of how powerful their practice can be for their goals in life. Whether it's to improve flexibility, strength, stability, or simply to look good in Yoga pants, having...Continue Reading
Ep. 04: Dare to make a difference with your mission and vision for your Yoga Business
Are you clear about what you want to create with your Yoga teaching? Are you choosing to stay small because of limiting beliefs that you hold dear? Listen to Dr. Connie's talk about how you can step into your mission...Continue Reading