Ep. 291: Effective Detox Strategies for a Healthy Gut

Ep. 291: Effective Detox Strategies for a Healthy Gut

Most people believe DETOX means getting on a restrictive diet, taking some supplements, or drinking a special juice or tea in order to cleanse the body. But true, effective detox actually involves much more than this.

Our bodies have natural detox processes – our liver, kidneys, lungs, gut, and skin work hard everyday to eliminate toxins and wastes that don't serve us. And while there are ways to optimize the functioning of these organs, a detox program cannot be fully beneficial without also detoxing our HABITS (which include stress and emotional triggers).

It's important to understand that the autonomic nervous system (which runs subconsciously) is driving our habits and our behaviors. So changing our behaviors without addressing our habits at the subconscious level is like trying to mop up water in a flooded room without first turning off the running faucet.

This is why, despite the best intentions and knowledge, many people have a hard time maintaining weight loss, healthy habits, or lasting results.

In this episode of the Mind Your Health Podcast, you'll discover:
📌What our detox organs require in order to drive the detox processes in our bodies (which is the reason why most detox programs and cleanses are ineffective)
📌Why your habits are the foundation of a successful detox, and why self awareness is an essential pillar for lasting health changes
What you can experience when you learn how to detox your body EFFECTIVELY, including decreased bloating, enhanced digestion, and improved energy
📌Mindfulness practices that promote effective detox and self awareness

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