Ep. 293: Could Your Weight Gain Be A Result Of Minor, Repetitive Injury?

Ep. 293: Could Your Weight Gain Be A Result Of Minor, Repetitive Injury?

🚨This episode is for those of you who shrug off seemingly minor aches and pains, yet continually struggle with gut issues and difficulty losing weight.

Many people live with day-to-day aches and pains and ignore them for years because the pains don't actually prevent them from living their lives. But did you know that those minor aches can actually lead to systemic inflammation that makes it almost impossible to lose weight? Listen to this powerful episode where I'll help you connect the dots between your physical body and your metabolism and digestive system so that you can not only optimize your health, but lose stubborn weight once and for all WITHOUT having to rely on a diet.

In this episode of the Mind Your Health Show, you'll discover:
✅The connection between minor repetitive injury, systemic inflammation, and weight gain
✅The reason why your hormones and metabolism can make weight loss difficult to achieve
✅Why we tend to ignore minor injuries, despite the fact that the repetition of small injuries causes more harm than a singular bad injury
✅The truth about why the medical system is limited in its ability to help you address repetitive injuries that cause weight gain
✅How to prevent repetitive injury, and what you can do RIGHT NOW to promote healing that allows you to easily lose stubborn weight

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