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The Link Between Repetitive Injury and Weight Gain
This podcast encore episode is all about why repetitive injury can be the culprit for weight gain. Repetitive injury can often be an overlooked culprit behind weight gain. When you suffer from chronic or recurring injuries, your ability to engage...Continue Reading
Ep. 312: Tuning In: Unlocking Your Body's Wisdom for YOUR Perfect Diet
In the last episode of the Mind Your Health Podcast, Dr. Connie discussed the importance of mindfulness and awareness when it comes to eating for gut healing. If you haven't listened to last week's episode yet, you can listen by...Continue Reading
Ep. 311: Why Following Somebody Else's Diet Plan Will Never Heal Your Gut
When it comes to diet and nutrition, we are conditioned to look to everyone else for answers, believing somebody other than ourselves holds the key to our health. This includes our doctors, a dietitian, the internet/social media, or even a...Continue Reading
Ep. 306: Intuitive Eating: Heal Your Gut WITHOUT Dieting
As mentioned in previous episodes, there's a misconception that healing your gut and getting rid of uncomfortable digestive discomfort requires you to restrict what you eat and eliminate certain foods from your diet completely. But often, these types of restricted,...Continue Reading
Ep. 290: The REAL Cause of Gut Issues and How To Heal Your Gut
Gut Health is a buzzword these days, but did you know that our gut health is influenced by much more than just the foods we eat? In the last couple of years, there's been an increase in the amount of...Continue Reading
Ep. 289: Debunking Restrictive Diets for Gut Health
Most people think that changing their diet is the best place to start when making changes for their health. Despite all my education and knowledge in the fields of Nutrition and Functional Medicine, almost all of it was irrelevant last...Continue Reading
Ep. 279: Why Diets Perpetuate Inflammation
In the name of HEALTH, the health and wellness industry focuses on DIET and FITNESS. But how about if such things are the very things that perpetuate inflammation? The Key is to stay fluid and flexible in you finding the...Continue Reading
Ep. 241: 5 Common Autoimmune Diet Misconceptions
Many autoimmune patients look to diet and supplements in an effort to heal their autoimmunity. However, there is so much conflicting information on diets out there that contradict one another, causing more confusion than ever before. In this episode of...Continue Reading
Ep. 196: It's Not Enough to Change Your Diet, You Must Change Your Being
After getting diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, many patients think they need to start a special diet. While diet definitely plays a role in getting autoimmunity under control, it's only part of the whole picture. Learn why changing your diet...Continue Reading