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Ep. 216: Autoimmune Health Transformation Success Story: New Found Hope for Life and Health
Diane had been on a 25 year journey with her autoimmunity before she joined the Autoimmune Health Transformation Program. She tried so many diets, programs, treatments, etc. but could never achieve long lasting results when it came to her health....Continue Reading
Ep. 194: Why Health Is Not A Priority In Your Life
Your core values subconsciously dictate the actions that you take on a daily basis. The fact that you have an autoimmune condition is evidence that health isn’t one of your core values. It’s so much easier for us to fool...Continue Reading
Ep. 162: Autoimmune Health and Beauty
Health and beauty goes hand in hand. Beauty is something that you exude, it's not isolated to the superficial looks. Learn how you can shift within to feel beautiful again. Join our private Facebook Group where I teach you how...Continue Reading
Ep. 155: Simplify to Amplify Your Health
The more I learn, the more I understand that healing Autoimmunity is an inside job. Once you embrace this you will be well on your self healing journey to create an inner healthcare system. Please click here to join our...Continue Reading
Ep. 149: Dr. Connie's Story Part 3: Taking Massive Action to Transform Your Health
In order to overcome your autoimmune condition, you have to rise above and become stronger than your condition. The way to do this is to take MASSIVE action, every single day, that will move you closer to your health goals....Continue Reading
Ep. 127: Microbiome: Health is All About the Bugs Within You
With so many different diets out there today, how do we know which one we should be on? Dr. Connie offers a solution: don't focus on the diet, but focus on your microbiome. Watch this week's blog to find out...Continue Reading
Ep. 125: Health Truths vs Facts
Early in my life as a Lupus patient, I’ve had to learn how to manage my disease in a way where I felt comfortable that it was under my control. But time and time again through scary threats to my...Continue Reading
Ep. 119: Health is an Investment, Not an Expense
The journey towards better health can be confusing at times. There are so many different diet, so many types of exercises, and so many other modalities for healing. Where do you start? Luckily we've combined the best healing modalities under...Continue Reading
Ep. 108: You Are Your Best Doctor
You know your body best. Have your best interest and be informed when navigating the medical system.  Continue Reading