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The Link Between Repetitive Injury and Weight Gain
This podcast encore episode is all about why repetitive injury can be the culprit for weight gain. Repetitive injury can often be an overlooked culprit behind weight gain. When you suffer from chronic or recurring injuries, your ability to engage...Continue Reading
Ep. 304: Yoga and Gut Health: The Ultimate Healing Path
Those familiar with Yoga know that it is excellent for mental wellbeing because of the meditative nature of the practice. But did you know that Yoga is also phenomenal for GUT health because of that same reason?Your gut has its...Continue Reading
Ep. 303: Want to Get Rid of Your Gut Issues? Regulate Your Nervous System
Gut health is all the rage these days. And while gut health is an important piece of overall health and well-being, most people approach gut health all wrong. The truth is that EXTERNAL tools and solutions, like diets, supplements, and...Continue Reading
Ep. 299: The Bottom Line: What It Takes To Fix Your Gut
In the previous episode of the Mind Your Health Show, we wrapped up Dr. Connie’s 3-part story about what she learned throughout her personal health journey + education, and why she’s using this information to fill in the gaps for...Continue Reading
Ep. 295: Could Diastasis Recti Be Causing Your Belly Pooch and Gut Issues?
Both women and men can experience a belly pooch or belly bulge, along with gut issues such as bloating, gas, constipation, and digestive discomfort. So what do most do? Try to get rid of it with typical weight loss tactics,...Continue Reading