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Ep. 210: The Missing Link in Holistic Autoimmune Healing
There are many different options when it comes to holistic healing for autoimmunity. From diets, supplements, herbals, medications, and coaching, you have tons of options. But the problem is most programs and treatments only address a partial piece of the...Continue Reading
Ep. 208: Understanding Why You Have Autoimmunity Is the First Step in Shifting Towards Self Empowered Healer
The identity that you hold for yourself based on your past largely dictates your reactiveness to your autoimmunity. Contrary to popular belief, it's not about all the "things" you DO, but your inner identity that dictates and perpetuates your autoimmune...Continue Reading
Ep. 166: Going from Powerless Patient to Empowered Rebel
Powerless Patient to Empowered Rebel Please click here to join our FREE Facebook group, the Self Empowered Healers:  Continue Reading
Ep. 148: Dr. Connie's Story Part 2: What Being an Autoimmune Rebel Really Means
In part 2 of her story, Dr. Connie discusses how the stress from moving across the country with an infant all while dealing with a struggling marriage was the perfect storm that caused her first flare. Despite doctors' advice, she...Continue Reading
Ep. 147: Dr. Connie's Story Part 1: Healing Starts with this One Shift
Part 1 of a 4 part series in which Dr. Connie discusses her autoimmune story, including her diagnosis, various treatments, and discoveries she had along the way that allowed her to truly heal her condition to a point where it...Continue Reading
Ep. 143: Are You Making This Mistake With Your Patients?
More people are getting sick and the medical system misses the mark when it comes to healing. Here's how you can create more impact in the lives of your patients. Please click here to join our FREE Facebook group, the...Continue Reading
Ep. 139: Do You Believe Lupus Can Be Cured?
When I was first diagnosed with Lupus, the doctors told me it was incurable. For a long time I believed this. Finally I decided to believe it IS curable. I'm now creating the results that align with my beliefs and...Continue Reading
Ep. 138: Lupus Beauty Secrets You Wouldn't Expect
Learn about Dr. Connie's experience with Lupus hair loss and how it transformed her.Continue Reading
Ep. 135: What are the Stages of Lupus?
Knowing what stage of Lupus you are currently in will help determine exactly what your body needs to heal.  Continue Reading