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Ep. 146: How to Manage Your Mind During a Crisis
This pandemic calls for meditation and being present. Accepting our circumstances and rising up to show up as our best selves requires us to train our minds. Watch this video to learn how!Continue Reading
Ep. 118: Change Your Mindset and Make 2020 Your Best Year
Overcoming a chronic disease isn't easy. It requires you to seek discomfort. Learn the success strategy for evolving your mindset so you can create a different outcome for your life in 2020.  Continue Reading
Ep. 97: Healing is a Mindset Shift
In order for you to reverse your disease, you have to believe it is possible to do so. Listen as Dr. Connie discusses what it took to heal her Lupus.Continue Reading
Ep. 93: Don’t Conform! For the Sake of Your Health
In order to fully take control of your health, you have to learn to think a little differently. Learn about what Dr. Connie has to say about mindset and nonconformity.  Continue Reading
Ep. 49: How Posture Affects Mindset
In today's society, people are constantly connected to and using electronic devices. Inevitably this worsens our posture and closes us off from the world. Dr. Connie talks about how improving your posture can lead to more confidence and a decrease...Continue Reading