Take Control of Your Health: 5 Simple, Yet Overlooked Tips

Take Control of Your Health: 5 Simple, Yet Overlooked Tips

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that relying on doctors, experts, or specialists to figure out the answer to your symptoms will only keep you in a cycle of sickness.

How do I know that?

With my recent struggles with kidney failure, it’s been crucial for me to just find a path forward every single day, even on my hardest days. But it’s been nearly impossible to get a straightforward answer from my medical team.

If you’ve been stuck in the healthcare system, then you know how specialized it is. And this message is for those who have gone from specialist to specialist, or your labs don’t match up with how you’re feeling, so you walk away with less than satisfactory answers.

Each practitioner can either talk to you about the specific organ or body part that’s being affected, or refer you to another specialist if you have questions about another organ or body part that is out of their scope of practice.

So it’s now crystal clear to me that our doctors’ role is to MANAGE our symptoms. But it’s OUR role to BUILD our own health.

If you want to take control of your health once and for all, you have to become your best health advocate. And in this Mind Your Health episode, I share 5 guaranteed ways you can start to build your health back up – but they’re likely not what you’d expect. 

Sometimes the answers are right under our nose, but we’re too busy looking for the most complex solutions.


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