Why is Gut Health Essential for Optimal Health and Well-Being?

Why is Gut Health Essential for Optimal Health and Well-Being?

Gut Health is a trending topic these days, but are you familiar with the gut’s many functions and WHY it plays such a big role in overall health and well-being?

In Functional Medicine, the gut is considered the root of all symptoms and diseases. So whether you’re struggling with gut specific issues, such as bloating, gas, and constipation, or other symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, headaches, and skin issues…

…ALL symptoms connect back to the gut, and by learning to heal your gut, you can effectively tackle these pesky symptoms at the root.

When you tune into this Mind Your Health episode, you’ll gain a Gut Health 101 understanding of what the gut is and how it’s connected to your body functions and symptoms.

You’ll discover:
➡️ What the gut is, what its functions are, and the many roles it plays to influence various body functions
➡️ What leaky gut syndrome and dysbiosis are, and why they lead to symptoms such as IBS, depression, anxiety, obesity, headaches, fatigue, and skin issues
➡️ Why gut healing is a skill you can learn (and why it’s more than just learning to eat the “right foods”)


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