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    • Supports microbiome diversity and the health and function of intestinal epithelial cells

    • Supports intestinal tight junction protein synthesis, which is critical to intestinal barrier function

    • Supports colonic T-regulatory cell activity and immune homeostasis to encourage immune tolerance

    • Supports energy metabolism

    • Supports NF-kappaB signaling and cytokine production associated with good health


Alkaline Method™ Prebiotic represents the latest science in microbiota-related supplementation. It delivers short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs)—the natural end products (postbiotics) of complex carbohydrate digestion by enteric bacteria. An increasing number of studies demonstrate the broad and profound effects of SCFAs locally, in intestinal mucosal health and microbiota diversity, and systemically, as molecular messengers.


    • Uses calcium beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate, a form of butyrate, for maximum butyric acid delivery

    • No sodium hydroxylate (lye), which is often incorporated with sodium butyrate

    • Delivers not only butyrate but also propionate and acetate for broader activities

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