Functional Yoga Medicine Show

Ep. 71: Why Wealth Should Be Your TOP Priority
Many health practitioners hide behind their certifications and knowledge, and don't really understand why their patients aren't getting better. In order to make impact through your work, you need much more than didactic knowledge and advanced degrees. You need business acumen...Continue Reading
Ep. 45: You Must Value Wealth to Succeed in Your Career
We all work in exchange for monetary compensation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with exchanging value for money. This exchange is essential for the health of the economy. Yet many practitioners shy away from valuing their work outside of the...Continue Reading
Ep. 44: Why You’re Not Attracting Wealth in Your Life
Your core values should be in alignment with your identity, but we are never taught to consider our personal values. We’re busy being indoctrinated, learning how to do what we do. It is assumed that we get a JOB that...Continue Reading