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The Holistic Healing Path: From Doubtful to Transformed
This week's Mind Your Health podcast is a special one. I interviewed my colleague and friend Aaron, who is a successful entrepreneur. He's special because it took many years for him to finally understand the "root" cause of his mysterious...Continue Reading
Is Hormonal Imbalance Causing Your Weight Gain?
Hormones are chemical messengers that impact your overall health and metabolism, and hormones play a huge role in weight loss. If you've been struggling with weight gain, hormonal imbalance may be the culprit. When we think of hormones, we typically...Continue Reading
Your Childhood Trauma Can Affect Your Health
We have aspects of ourselves that we are "aware" (conscious) of, and we also have aspects of ourselves that we are "unaware" (subconscious) of. But did you know that the subconscious parts of you actually dictate your self image and...Continue Reading
Spark Passion in Your Relationship Through Self-Love, Trust, and Honesty
If you are like most, you didn't exactly learn how to set healthy boundaries or the ability to communicate authentically in your home. This single, profound realization can catapult your relationships to a new level, especially with your partner. How...Continue Reading
Hormones & Hunger: How Your Emotions Affect Weight Loss
Do you feel like you are eating all the right things, but still can’t get your weight to budge? In today's episode of Mind Your Health Podcast, my team and I gathered the most frequently asked questions about weight loss...Continue Reading
Empowered Psychology - The Power of Your Thoughts & Shifting Emotions
In today's episode of "Mind Your Health," we delve deep into the final segment of the Functional Yoga Medicine's 4 episode EASE Methodology series.  This episode shines a light on the crucial role of beliefs, thoughts, and emotions in influencing...Continue Reading
Movement Is Medicine: Tapping Into Our Somatic Nervous System
Movement has profound benefits on our mental health. It's not only about improved cognitive function... but also about the psychological upliftment that comes with regular exercise. This episode is an insightful journey into understanding the critical link between our somatic...Continue Reading
Hot Yoga: Why You Can Have Fast Weight Release and Fat Loss
In this week's episode of the "Mind Your Health Podcast," we explore the fascinating world of Hot Yoga. Our discussion centers on its effectiveness in promoting rapid weight loss and aiding in detoxification.  We delve into the scientific principles underlying...Continue Reading
ENCORE: Detox For A Healthy Mind & Body - Start 2024 In Alignment
Most people believe DETOX means getting on a restrictive diet, taking some supplements, or drinking a special juice or tea in order to cleanse the body. But true, effective detox actually involves much more than this. Our bodies have natural...Continue Reading