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How To Use Your Breath To Reduce Stress
In today's episode of The Mind Your Health Podcast, I am getting into a topic that affects us every second of every day: breathing. We breathe in; we breathe out. But... have you ever stopped to consider the physiological effects...Continue Reading
Ep. 286: Chakras 101: Healing Through Meditation
If you've done Yoga or meditation before, whether you recently started or have been practicing for a while, you've likely heard of chakras. Chakras are typically mentioned by Yoga instructors or in guided meditations, and various Yoga poses and meditations...Continue Reading
Ep. 219: The Power of Meditation
Meditation is the most powerful way we can cultivate self healing and self awareness to tap into our full potential. By altering our brain waves, we can promote endogenous healing chemicals to be produced by our body to support our...Continue Reading
Ep. 163: Power of Meditation for Autoimmunity
We all know meditation is good for us, but how good? If you know the why you'll be more likely to incorporate it in your life. Learn how meditation can drastically improve your health and life. Did you know you...Continue Reading