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Ep. 280: True Healing Does Not Happen In Parts And Pieces
While conventional medicine focuses mainly on our "physical" body, there are actually four essential layers of the body that make up our WHOLE being. And aligning these four layers is key to shifting the body from a state of dis-ease...Continue Reading
Ep. 270: ENCORE - 5 Critical Mistakes That Keep You From Healing
This episode of the Mind Your Health Show is an encore of one of our most popular episodes. Many of you are in search of healing modalities and treatments to better manage your autoimmunity. But what if all your efforts...Continue Reading
Ep. 262: There Is No “One Size Fits All” Approach To Healing Autoimmunity
Self awareness is an essential ingredient to healing. Yet, most programs for autoimmunity focus on external methods such as diets, medications, supplements, etc. Once you gain clarity over who you are, your healing path becomes clear as well. In this...Continue Reading
Ep. 247: Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Feel Better Fast
Do you wake up with aches and pains or lack of energy, and you don't quite know what to do to help yourself feel better? You're not alone! Living with autoimmunity is unpredictable, so it's natural for you to not...Continue Reading
Ep. 243: 5 Critical Mistakes That Keep You From Healing
Many of you are in search of healing modalities and treatments to better manage your autoimmunity. But what if all your efforts are in vain because of mistakes that you are making that keep you from truly healing? In this...Continue Reading
Ep. 209: Doctors Don't Heal You, Only You Can Heal Yourself
There's an inherent assumption we make to believe that the doctors always know best. It's a cultural and societal indoctrination that we all buy into. But truth be told that doctors don't heal you. Healing is an inside job that...Continue Reading
Ep. 203: The Missing Ingredient to Your Healing
This week's episode is a session from one of our past 7 Day Autoimmune Challenges! You don’t exist in parts and pieces; you are a WHOLE ecosystem. However, you lack this specific ingredient to supercharge your healing. It’s something you’d...Continue Reading
Ep. 198: Shifting from Sickness to Health Requires Revealing Your Values
The results in your life and health are a direct reflection of the values you hold. And the values you hold in your life are likely not your own. They were learned and indoctrinated in you by your environment. Learn...Continue Reading
Ep. 187: Understanding Who You Are is the First Step to Healing
When faced with autoimmunity, we often focus on the problem (symptoms) that we experience. When we focus on the problem, we negate the foundation that caused the problem in the first place. It’s when we’re able to reflect upon our...Continue Reading