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Ep. 181: The Hidden Toxins in the Foods We Eat That Can Cause Long Term Damage
There are specific toxins put into many foods which can dramatically affect autoimmune flare-ups. With every meal we eat we’re either healing or hurting our bodies. Please click here to join our FREE Facebook group, the Self Empowered Healers:   Continue Reading
Ep. 101: How Movement Reduces the Toxins in Our Bodies
Although it is hard to do when we are in pain, it is essential to MOVE your body. Moving allows our muscles to flush out the toxic compounds that are keeping us sick. Start with just 5 minutes a day!...Continue Reading
Ep. 09: Tame Your Gut, Tame Your Life: How To Eliminate Toxins
We are in lots of pain. As a result we don’t move and don’t feeling like exercising. Weight comes on. We are put on more meds and have a poor diet because who’s in the mood to care about what...Continue Reading