Functional Yoga Medicine Show

Ep. 102: Gain Powerful Results for Your Patients Through Functional Yoga Medicine
In the name of holistic health, many practitioners are busy looking for different ways to treat and heal their patients. However, there lacks a truly integrative approach that aligns and connects the ancient wisdom with the modern medicine; the yin...Continue Reading
Ep. 101: Why Yoga is a Powerful Antidote to Disease
While Yoga is a popular "exercise" trend, it's much more powerful as a healing modality that shifts our patients from sickness to health. It enables patients to become self empowered to move, eat, and feel better than ever before. Connecting...Continue Reading
Ep. 100: Why Theory is Dead and Application is Everything
Most practitioners get hung up on theoretical understanding of their expertise. With flimsy data points that are sometimes referred to as "evidence based medicine", we often fail to take into account the miraculous ability of our bodies to heal themselves....Continue Reading
Ep. 99: Why the Medical System is Failing
While the conventional medical system was regarded as the standard form of care, the efficacy of the system is now being questioned. This is because what was widely believed to be the "best" way in healthcare, many are finding that...Continue Reading
Ep. 98: Common Sense Approach to Healing
We often think healing is complex, scientific, and evidence based. But in truth, health and healing should be common sense in order for us to implement with success. In today's episode of the Functional Yoga Medicine Show, Dr. Connie discusses...Continue Reading
Ep. 97: Is Yoga Causing Injury To Your Body?
There is an increase in Yoga injuries today. As mentioned in last week's episode, not all Yoga certifications properly prepare Yoga teachers with necessary knowledge of the human body. With a surge of sedentary lifestyles today, many people struggle with...Continue Reading
Ep. 96: Not ALL YOGA Certifications are the Same
Yoga teachers are a dime a dozen. To be an effective teacher, one must consider the implications of each pose when it comes to the anatomical and physiological capabilities and limitations of the student. Truth is that not all teacher...Continue Reading
Ep. 95: ENCORE - The Power of Meditation
This episode of the Functional Yoga Medicine Show is an encore of one of our most popular episodes. Meditation is the most powerful way we can cultivate self healing and self awareness to tap into our full potential. By altering...Continue Reading
Ep. 94: Y-O-G-A as a Powerful Healing Modality
Despite what many think, Yoga is not a religion, making shapes with your body, or an exercise that requires flexibility. It's a powerful self empowering practice that allows our bodies to heal. In this episode of the Functional Yoga Medicine...Continue Reading