Ep. 271: Gut Health 101

Ep. 271: Gut Health 101

Did you know that gut health is the foundation of your overall health and wellness?

While most people address gut health with diet, it isn't the most effective way to heal your gut. Your gut is intimately affected by your brain through the vagus nerve. And the vagus nerve also influences the microbiome of your gut which then affects the brain chemistry as well as ALL organs in the body. While a balanced diet is required, what most people are missing is the state of your BEING. Your state of being is influenced by your stress. Stress in large part is the perception behind the circumstances in your life. Often, such stresses are left unnoticed because it's. not something that's tangible but it's the most important.

In this episode of Mind Your Health Show, Dr. Connie discusses a revolutionary way to approach your health by using common sense and lifestyle intervention to reverse any pesky symptoms before it becomes a DISEASE.

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