Ep. 278: Optimize Gut Health to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Ep. 278: Optimize Gut Health to Get Rid of Belly Fat

For many people, as they get older, they find that the pounds tend to pack on easier, especially around the waistline. So what do they do? Likely get on some sort of diet in an attempt to "eat better" or "eat less". This is the solution most people reach for because there seems to be a new diet on the market every other month. You might lose a few pounds, but more often than not, the weight comes back just as quickly. Why? Because toxins that result from poor gut health are what's preventing you from losing that stubborn weight and keeping it off. Want to learn how to lose stubborn belly fat and keep it off for good? Listen to this episode of the Mind Your Health Show as Dr. Connie discusses proper gut health and how it can help you lose belly fat QUICKER and keep it off! Want to learn more about how to heal your gut?

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