Ep. 287: Boost Focus and Energy Through The Practice of Yoga

Ep. 287: Boost Focus and Energy Through The Practice of Yoga

This episode of the Mind Your Health Show is a replay of my LIVE Functional Yoga Medicine Masterclass that I recently hosted.

Click here to download the workbook that goes along with this episode: https://dcclaunches.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec+2022+FYM+Masterclass/FYM+Masterclass+Workbook.pdf

It's that time of the year when we are all making plans to set New Year's resolutions and, if you're like most, health is at the forefront of your mind. But here's a secret, want to know why New Year's resolutions usually fail? It's because people are only making a change in their behavior, NOT their identity. But your behaviors are heavily influenced by your identity.

Your identity is your self-image, or the way you see yourself. It's what you think of yourself and how you talk to yourself. Your thoughts and feelings are a reflection of your identity. Not only that, but your thoughts and feelings drive your behavior. For example, many of us tend to reach for “bad" foods like ice cream, bread, cakes, and even alcohol when we're feeling uncomfortable, negative emotions.

To create long-lasting change in our health (and life), we need to shift our identity and not just our behaviors. So – what's the quickest way to start to change your identity? Change your POSTURE!

In this episode, I'll teach you how to RESET your health by helping you cultivate awareness, enhance your posture, and shift your identity through the practice of Yoga. You don't want to miss this powerful masterclass that will set you up for success in the New Year.

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