Ep. 296: Meet Dr. Connie Part 1: How Your Relationships Influence Your Health

Ep. 296: Meet Dr. Connie Part 1: How Your Relationships Influence Your Health

This week we are kicking off part 1 of a 3-part podcast series where I'll be sharing my personal story and how Functional Yoga Medicine™ and the Dr. Connie Cheung brand came to be. I've also brought my Integrator, Leslie, on the show to interview me and help me bring out the best parts of my story that I believe will be most beneficial to you. By sharing my story, my hope is that you're able to bring greater awareness to where you are in your own healing journey and figure out exactly what it is that you're needing in order to create the health you want to have.

In part 1, I'll be talking all about RELATIONSHIPS. We all know that good nutrition, exercise, and stress management promote optimal health, but there are many things that fly under the radar that have just as much of an influence on our health – our relationships being one of them. So listen as I share about different relationships from my childhood through my adult years, and how these relationships had a direct effect on my health, despite all the healthy behaviors I thought I was doing right.

In this episode, I share about:
📍The conditioning, or "programming", I received as a child, and how this created an identity that influenced all my behaviors as I got older
📍How the way I perceived myself allowed me to succeed in my education, but ultimately led to my sickness as well
📍The truth about why negative relationships (with people, food, exercise, etc.) harm our health
📍The MOST important relationship you can have that will determine your outcome with your symptoms/disease

And be sure to tune in next week for part 2, as I talk more about my personal health journey leading up to my autoimmune diagnosis, along with all the health modalities I tried that worked and did NOT work.


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