Ep. 302: TOOLS For Your Health Are Only As Effective As The PERSON Using Them

Ep. 302: TOOLS For Your Health Are Only As Effective As The PERSON Using Them

What are tools for your health? Diets, supplements, treatments, programs, and even medications, doctors, and other experts are all just TOOLS we can utilize to help us feel better.

But the effectiveness and outcome of these tools is dependent on YOU, the person using the tools. That's why they say healing is an inside job.

If you've ever tried any of these tools to feel better and get rid of any symptoms, it's likely the tools helped to some degree, but maybe you had trouble sticking to it or the tool lost its effect after a while. Why?

Well, these tools rarely address the person themselves, and the inner limiting blocks we all have, like limiting beliefs, self sabotaging behaviors, and negative patterns. Most of us aren't even aware of these limiting blocks.

Listen to this episode as Dr. Connie shares exactly how you can enhance the effectiveness of your health endeavors so that you can address your symptoms once and for all.
In this episode, you'll discover:
✅Why the "quick fix" mentality fails our health
✅How multiple variables, including your genetic makeup, lifestyle, gut microbiome, sleep and exercise habits, and age play a role in every diet, supplement, or treatment you try
✅A powerful solution to bring awareness to your inner blocks that prevent you from experiencing optimal health

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