Ep. 305: The Missing First Step That Keeps You From Healing Your Gut

Ep. 305: The Missing First Step That Keeps You From Healing Your Gut

This episode is an encore of Part 1 of my recent Heal Your Gut Training. In this training I shared some eye-opening information on gut health and what's required to heal your gut and effectively get rid of your unwanted symptoms, so I wanted to share this training on the podcast.

If you've listened to my recent episodes, you might be starting to understand the importance of nervous system regulation when it comes to healing. In this training, I go much deeper into the exact reasons WHY nervous system regulation is so important, and why this is the missing first step that most people MISS in their health and wellness efforts.

Unless you learn how to regulate your nervous system, diets, supplements, treatments, and anything else you do for your health will only provide you with limited results.
And here's a secret – no one can regulate your nervous system except for YOU.

So if you've tried just about everything but you're still struggling with symptoms that prevent you from feeling better, you'll want to listen to this episode and discover how you can master and reset your nervous system for healing.
✅ The first step you are MISSING when it comes to healing your gut, and why looking to diets and supplements will be unsuccessful unless you incorporate this step
✅ Why your body is stuck in “overdrive” and what that means for your health
✅ The power of the gut-brain connection, and how it influences the effectiveness of your diets and supplements
✅ How to leverage Neuroscience and Ancient Wisdom to understand how your body works
✅Tapping into your natural healing power by doing this ONE thing

Click the link below where you can download the accompanying workbook for this episode to help you get the most out of this training!

And if you want to go deeper to learn how to use yoga to master your nervous system so you can heal your gut, my Gut Healing Transformation is open for enrollment. Click here to learn more: https://am.drconniecheung.com/ght-2023
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