Food is Not the Enemy: Why Fearing Food Actually Contributes to Gut Issues

Food is Not the Enemy: Why Fearing Food Actually Contributes to Gut Issues

“I wish someone would just tell me what to eat!”

If you’ve ever thought this to yourself, then chances are you can relate to this…

Mealtimes honestly used to feel like a chore to me.

I would stress out over choosing what to eat. And if I was on any type of restrictive diet, it was often difficult figuring out which foods I could eat that would allow me to stick to my diet and not trigger gut discomfort.

After a while, I ended up developing orthorexia, which is a fear of food that stems from being scared to eat. This actually made my gut issues worse!

So imagine if mealtimes didn’t have to be a chore and if choosing what to eat didn’t stress you out…

Most of us are misled into thinking that food itself is the cause of our gut issues or various symptoms, and if only we could find the “perfect” diet, we’d be healed.

But think about how many diets are out there – if there actually was a perfect diet, why are we witnessing rising numbers of illnesses, obesity, and mysterious symptoms?

Let’s talk about why food is not our enemy and how we can shift our relationship with food so that it no longer has to be a source of stress in our lives.

In this episode, you’ll discover:
➡️ Why food is considered an “external input”, and what influences food to have a nourishing effect vs a punishing effect in our bodies
➡️ Causes of gut issues that go beyond the foods we eat
➡️ A simple four step framework you can follow to engineer your wellness and become the master of your own gut, mind, and body

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