Frustrated By the Endless Cycle of Ineffective Wellness Approaches?

Frustrated By the Endless Cycle of Ineffective Wellness Approaches?

If you’re like most people who struggle with irritating symptoms that they just can’t figure out, whether it’s gut issues like bloating and constipation, chronic fatigue, stubborn weight gain, foggy brain, etc., maybe you’ve gotten stuck on what I call the “hamster wheel” of ineffective health and wellness solutions.

I’ve been there too – going from doctor to doctor or expert to expert, or searching for the next answer, whether that’s a diet, supplement, medication, treatment or program. I can’t even tell you how many books I’ve read on health or how many hours I’ve researched my symptoms on the internet.

And maybe these various approaches have provided some relief, but ultimately the symptoms come right back. OR you end up having new symptoms that you’re left to address. Does the cycle ever end?!

Well let me tell you…I learned a lot in my recent experience with kidney failure. Sometimes the experts we were conditioned to look to don’t always have the answers. And how can they? Outside of your symptoms and the specific body parts or organs associated with your symptoms, they know very little about the rest of your life…

…your home life, your relationships, your stressors (including stress about your health, your finances, your family, your work). ALL of which affects your nervous system regulation.

And guess what? Your nervous system is the control center for every single function within your body. 

In other words, your body function is controlled by YOU (via your nervous system), yet we are conditioned to look for an answer OUTSIDE of us. And if you’re starting to think this is a broken strategy…it is.

If you’re serious about eliminating your symptoms and getting off the hamster wheel of ineffective health approaches, then this episode is for you.

By listening to this episode, you’ll discover: 
➡️ Why the medical system’s role is to manage disease, NOT to create health
➡️ How your nervous system is influenced by YOU, not by supplements, diets, exercise, treatments, or programs that are outside of you
➡️ The exact steps you can take to regulate your nervous system to cause EASE in your body, versus DIS-EASE that leads to symptoms and sickness

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