Hormone Imbalance Cascade: Why Your Pill is Just a “Band-Aid” Fix

Hormone Imbalance Cascade: Why Your Pill is Just a “Band-Aid” Fix

Imagine you get a paper cut on your finger and you slap a band-aid on it…

…is it the band-aid itself that heals the cut? Of course not – the band-aid covers the wound and might stop the bleeding temporarily, but it doesn't heal the wound or prevent it from getting infected.

Prescription pills, supplements, or other drugs work the same way, especially for hormone imbalance issues including estrogen/progesterone/testosterone imbalances, insulin resistance, thyroid dysfunction, and even melatonin for sleep.

Hormones, which are chemical messengers, work together to send signals to various glands throughout the body to regulate our everyday body functions. When symptoms arise, conventional doctors typically isolate and replace individual hormones with prescription medication.

Not only does this fail to address the underlying root cause of the ENTIRE hormone imbalance cascade, but it actually adds fuel to the fire by telling your glands to stop producing the hormone naturally, because your body is getting it from an external source, leading to further imbalance.

In this episode, let’s uncover how the hormonal cascade works to affect all hormones in the body, and why addressing hormones individually only provides temporary relief, rather than a sustainable long-term solution.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

👉🏻 How the hormonal cascade works and how ALL hormones, from cortisol, sex hormones, and insulin to thyroid hormone and melatonin, work together and influence one another

👉🏻 Which hormone triggers the entire cascade of hormone imbalance in the body, and why an imbalance in this hormone is more common than we think

👉🏻 Why symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, foggy brain, low libido, and aches and pains are not isolated to a single hormone, explaining why hormone replacement will not resolve these symptoms long-term


This episode builds on last week’s episode about stress. So if you haven’t listened to it yet, check it out here!

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